16 November, 2014

Calculating Your PERM Audit Reply Date

Like many other foreigners in the US, I've been stuck in the greencard application process since early 2013. The frustrations over that process and its toll on my family is a story for another time. Long story short, our greencard application was randomly audited, and we've now been stuck waiting for a reply for 513 days and counting.

The only info you can find about the PERM audit process is that it will take 9-14 months. This weekend, I wanted to see if I couldn't find a better estimate for this, and it was very easy.

Using data from the Trackitt PERM tracker, I found the last 6 resolved PERM audit cases, and looked at the total processing time for each audit. The ranges were close (573-584 days) with an average of 578 days. Using my own priority date, it was super easy to throw together a small Ruby countdown script.

It seems like I have at least 65 days more of waiting, with an estimated reply date of January 20th 2015. It's very simple stuff, but having a concrete date feels really good.